Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry for Having Doughnuts for Lunch

A little lunch for two one Sunday afternoon....

Not a nutritionally sound meal, no. But after eggs, avocado and sourdough for breakfast it kind of felt right, like it somewhat balanced out. So on this Sunday, a day devoted to rest and recuperation, I had doughnuts for lunch. And boy, was it delicious.

After seeing a lot of people with unhealthy food relationships lately (in life and at work), I felt the need to express my feelings on the subject. So here it goes...

A healthy diet means sometimes having doughnuts for lunch. And being ok with it. 

Truly enjoying it without any guilt.

This often elusive healthy diet requires a kind, honest, nurturing, non-accusatory relationship with food. And with yourself. 

Trust yourself and your body.

It's not always easy, but it is so important to remove guilt surrounding food. Labelling food as 'good', 'bad' or 'naughty' does not foster a healthy relationship with food. Rather it does the exact opposite, placing these 'naughty' foods on pedestals and, for many, encourages a restriction-binge-guilt cycle.

Removing guilt and food labels allows you to cut through negative energy so you can focus solely on what your body needs and nourishing yourself properly. Your body is smart, it will make the right decision. For lunch that will usually translate to vibrant, fresh salads or other such veggie-rich meals. Last Sunday, I needed doughnuts.

And that's the darn truth.

Sparkling Water.

Ben and I enjoyed fresh Fuji Apple and Nashi Pear from Oakleigh Market.

With Noisette Chocolate Brioche and Queen Victoria Market fresh Jam Doughnuts.

I've never felt healthier.

And that's the darn truth.

Heidi xo