Something Different This ANZAC Day

Well isn't this a slice of loveliness, having a day off mid-week?

How will you be spending Anzac Day? Regardless of your views on our involvement in wars (past and present), I feel it's important to honour those who have fought for our country and those currently bravely serving us. I have cousins in the Army, and they're pretty darn courageous (and work super hard).

We'll be laying low this Anzac Day - lounging around, working on a few 'around the house' tasks and doing a little cooking. Maybe watch a movie. Snuggly socks will be involved. How domestic, I love it. We also have an apple pie that I made on Sunday to work our way through. It looks as though the weather will be encouraging such a lovely, loafing day, so that's how we're going to roll...

And for breakfast?

I dreamt this simple recipe up a few months ago and wanted to share it with you in time for Anzac day, as it's a nice alternative to Anzac Biscuits. Although I do love an Anzac Biscuit. Soft and chewy, always. These ones by Katie Quinn Davies particularly took my eye (recipe link).

But for now, I think this will be breakfast...

Anzac Biscuit-Inspired Breakfast Parfait

Serves 1

15g Walnuts
2 teaspoons Shredded Coconut
200g Greek Yoghurt
1/3 cup Rolled Oats
Golden Syrup

1. In a nonstick pan, toast the walnuts over low heat until fragrant and golden (~3 minutes). In the last minute or so, add the coconut to the pan and allow to toast slightly - keeping it separate to the nuts. Set aside.
2. In a wide glass, add half the yoghurt. Drizzle some golden syrup over the yoghurt, before adding 2/3rds of the oats and half the toasted coconut.
3. Add the rest of your yoghurt, drizzle with golden syrup again and then scatter the remaining oats and coconut before topping with the toasted walnuts. Serve.

Heidi xo