My Chocolate Drawer

I have a chocolate drawer. Yep. A whole drawer devoted to chocolate. My friends and family know this, they're aware. They often request I open said drawer after a dinner catch up at home. It's a quick dessert, you just snap open a block and pour some more vino. Easy. Done.

My chocolate drawer.

How did I create this drawer? It took a few good months of keen collection, involving purchasing multiple blocks of cocoa goodness when I saw a favourite block on sale. There's a lot of Lindt in there, let's be honest. And Koko Black dark chocolate slabs - yes, they're slabs. They're divine. Favourite. Ben will often buy me these for a treat.

But back to Lindt. I have multiple flavours in my drawer. I like to have a plethora of choices available for friends and family. We all have different tastes, you see. I like to cater. So when I was offered the chance to try Lindt's Excellence Range a few weeks ago, what do you think I said...? Yes. I said yes. "Yes I do need more chocolate in my drawer. Thank you, kindly." A week later I received a neat title package of Lindt, made up of the Sea Salt, Strawberry, Passionfruit and Coconut Intense blocks. Excellent.

I had already tried the Passionfruit Intense (mum promptly bought me some after seeing it for the first time a couple of months ago), and I must say I wasn't a huge fan. It was too sweet for me. But I know of many who enjoy this flavour, the husband included. Last week I tried the Strawberry Intense and felt the same way about this block as I did the Passionfruit. I found it to be far too artificial tasting for my preference (despite the strawberry block containing freeze-dried strawberries). Give me the plain Lindt chocolate, without those embellishments, and I'm happy.

The Coconut Intense, on the other hand, was quite delightful. I suspected I'd enjoy this block, as I've been on a bit of a coconut rampage of late. It didn't have the same crisp quality of the other blocks, due to all the soft coconut goodness in there, but it did have a beautiful flavour to it. It was a little on the sweet side (I'd prefer an overall greater dark chocolate percentage in these blocks), but a square would be a lovely way to finish a meal if you've got a coconut craving. I'd certainly reach for this block again. I feel it deserves a place in my chocolate drawer.

And the Sea Salt Intense? Well, do we even need to go there? I've been buying this block for a long time. It's a thing. I adore it. The rich squares of smooth cocoa gold are exciting and spirited, and just full of salty sweet goodness. I have three blocks of Sea Salt Intense in my chocolate drawer, you know, just in case I need them. Yep, it's a thing.

Thanks to Lindt for sending me your blocks to try. Coconut Intense will gladly join my beloved Sea Salt Intense in my chocolate drawer.

So there you go! In my chocolate drawer I have some Lindt, some Koko Black, some dark chocolate covered blueberries, and a few blocks of raw chocolate, thrown in for good measure (I enjoy Rawganic's range). Then it's all cooking chocolate, baby. Chips, slabs and more. And some Wizz Fizz. What? Why is that in there? Never mind.

Clearly this chocolate drawer isn't a good idea for people who don't have great self-control. Some guys and gals are firmly in the "if it's in the cupboard, I'll eat it all in one go!" camp. But I think a chocolate drawer is a great lesson in practising self-restraint and portion control. A little square is all you need. Often half a square will do the trick. Things are a little different on girls nights, portions tend to inflate a little, but that's life. I love my chocolate drawer. And so do my friends.

Do you have a chocolate drawer? If so, what's in there? Any good brands I should include?

Heidi xo
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