Slice of Saturday

Last Saturday, in pictures.

Just one of those really pleasant days, when the world seemed to slow right down, giving you the chance to do happy little tasks and float on the freedom of two blissfully unstructured days.

We started the morning with a jog around the park, before grabbing takeaway lattes. Fresh.

Quinoa Quince Pancakes for breakfast (recipe link), using the last of our poached quince. This fruit is endlessly sublime, I will miss them so. They have served me well these past couple of months. Until next Autumn...

Ben then felt compelled to cook a chicken over coals, as you do. So he did. Two chickens, in fact. Why not? One with a moroccan-style marinade, the other bathing in herbs de provence. With each hour on the spit, the aroma was increasingly alluring. Yep, really glad I bought him that spit.

A snack to tide me over, while continuing my Paris food and restaurant research. Banana Ice-Cream - frozen banana blended with a little vanilla yoghurt, topped with chocolate chips. Happiness in a teacup.

I sat for nearly two hours in bed researching. It was lovely.

My view.

I adore this skirt, I just need some occasion to wear it...

Sneaking peeks of the chicken. Genuinely struggling to handle the temptation.

After three hours. Proud.

Lunch was a lovely little affair. Hot, Spit-Roasted Chicken with a throw together Roasted Root Vegetable and Freekeh Salad, using leftover roasted sweet potato, purple carrots, sautéed mushrooms and freekeh plus spinach leaves, lemon juice and goats cheese. Wholesome, satisfying and just darn fantastic. Intoxicatingly so.

Later on in the day we gussied ourselves up for the Mercy Health Foundation Ball. I wore a long black lace dress I scored at the op shop years ago. It has a slightly low back, but beyond that feature it's fairly conservative. Paired with red lips and a low bun I felt rather classy. I'm feeling a little more grown up these days, red lips and all. Although I did manage to frequently smudge lipstick across my face. Oh the embarrassment. And I'm back to being an awkward teenager. At least I tried.

The photo booth was a real treat. We visited far too often, posing hard like it was our job. So many props, so little time.

And that was Saturday. A little slice of lovely.

Here's to even more loveliness this long weekend. We're off to Red Hill for chilly country walks, local produce and more freedom floating.

Heidi xo
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