Picture a steep, handsome, cobbled town perched proudly on a hillside in central Sicily. This is Gangi.

Picture Ben and I exploring this town, trekking up, up, up... step by step, stone by stone, for almost an hour and not encountering a soul.

Sun-drenched, we found respite in gelato and lemon granita at Piazza del Popolo, the town square.

And then, as the bell tower chimed, guests began to pour out of the church. A Wedding was happening. This is where the entire town was...celebrating love. Just as we were on our honeymoon.

Isn't that just perfect?

Dinner was at Casale Villa Raino, our bed for the night. Lots of scrumptious small plates, finishing with fresh fruit. Drinking wine and eating outdoors like this after a day of hill-climbing and exploration was oh so lovely. Yes, our visit to Gangi was a true treat.

Eggs and bread for breakfast, with more fresh fruit and jams. Aren't boiled eggs in the morning the most heavenly sight?

And then a dip in the pool, I think, before a drive over the Madonie mountains.

Next stop, Cefalù.

Heidi xo

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