Cefalù, where Palermo-ites escape in the Summer for a bit of cheeky sun and sand. It's crowded and a little tacky, not a demure corner by any means. Yet Cefalù still harbours some gorgeous, historic gems, and the beach chairs are super cheap.

You'll find hidden corners of quiet...

...and many tasty eats. See that's the thing in Sicily, the majority of tourists are Italian, so even the touristy places have to serve good pasta. For real.

Lunch at Le Chat Noir on our first day.

Spaghetti with tuna and pesto, tomato salad and spaghetti alle vongole. Gorgeous plates of light and love.

Lunch and dinner at Ti Vitti was a treat, also. Calamari and potato salad, pasta with sardines and pangrattato and lobster ravioli (as well as their caprese salad and seafood grill - oh, the swordfish in Sicily...)

A morning run before waiting for the hiking track to open...

...only to find we were an hour early. Enter frolicking in the extreme with some kung fu shots. Clearly we are easily entertained. Good elevation, Benz.

Our first Sicilian cannoli from Dolce e Delizia. This mini bite was heavenly. Ordinarily, I'm not mad about cannoli, but this one had me in a spin. Dolce.

And gelato, of course. Sometimes there is nothing quite as special as mango, other times my heart cries only for berries. Always dark chocolate, always.

We popped into L'Angolodella Dolcezza to try their famed bites, which were also delicious. Even though Ben and I both agree we'd rather devour a plate of pasta or scoop of gelato over these such cakes, we would never ever say no to these treats. That would just be rude.

Easing into the evening with a cocktail and scribble in the square.

Campari and soda for her, always. Long Island Iced Tea for him, often.

It was nice to relax on the coast after being inland. We had some temperamental weather and pondered over a storm or two with a pizza or two. It was all rather stunning.

Heidi xo

Cefalù Notes

Length of stay: 2 nights - probably one or two nights too long if you're limited for time. While a lovely place, there is not a lot to do in this little town, and it certainly was not our most favourite Sicilian location.

AccommodationHotel La Plumeria - great location, lovely clean rooms and very friendly staff.

Where we ateLe Chat Noir and Ti Vitti for seafood and pasta, and then Dolce e Delizia and L'Angolodella Dolcezza for sweets.

Highlights: watching the storm come in from the beach, then spending an afternoon in bed watching Tintin on our laptop and eating gelato from a large take-home pack. It was a lovely 'rest point' in our trip.

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