Sweet Scopello

Scopello was a truly wonderful way to spend the near end of our five week honeymoon. Three days in this haven allowed for hours in the sea, snorkelling and lazing on inflatable couches in one of the most astonishingly picturesque swimming spots.

Trooping down the cliff to the famous Tonnara di Scopello, the popular place to swim in Scopello. Arrive early for a prime spot, as it gets crowded in Summer. And hot, realIy hot.

Lunch in Scopello is always and forever Pane Cunzato - rustic tomato, sheeps cheese and anchovy sandwiches. Toasted, lovingly seasoned and downright delicious.

Can I possibly articulate how special this sandwich was? Truly? Humble ingredients elevated by local brilliance and accomplished assembly. Generous with the oil, yes. It was perfection. While eating this pane cunzato I could want for nothing more in life.

Back to it...

Some early evening mini-golf fun.

I look like I know what I'm doing. Most of my balls ended up in the pond. Plop. Womp Womp.

Hole in one. Three of them. In a row. I'm sure that's worthy of some fancy animal name. Birdie? Emu? Pheasant? Wait, no.

Scopello at dusk.

Dinner at La Trattoria. Quite nice plates but certainly not our favourite in Sicily. They do make for a bit of tasty eye candy, though.


Early morning, Ben and I hiked along the Zingaro Nature Reserve, which was completely uplifting, both visually and spiritually. I so love to hike in nature.

Here we found a secluded little swimming spot and dove right in.

Sinking our bare feet into the hot, smooth pebbles after a long hike...bathing in the sun-speckled, silky water...appreciating every ripple, as little fish affectionately kissed our toes...This swim was one of my most beloved experiences. Ever. It was grounding and entirely invigorating.

Time for one final pane cunzato before we trooped off to Palermo, our last stop in Sicily.

Oh, Scopello...it was a true task, leaving you.

Scopello Notes

Length of stay: 2 nights. Scopello is a very small town, so there isn't a lot to do there besides swim and eat. The national park is lovely, however, and is worth a day exploring the tracks & coves. I would have loved an additional night to relax in this truly beautiful spot.

AccommodationHotel Torre Bennistra - really lovely accommodation in a stunning location. Rooms here are phenomenally affordable and the breakfast included boiled eggs - again, this always makes me happy.Where we ate: Pane Cunzato (always and forever), Relais Angimbe and La Trattoria.

Highlights: attempting mini golf, spending hours in and out of the water reading Jo Nesbo, that bottle of wine at dinner leading to raucous conversation and giggles, all the Pane Cunzato in the world, hiking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve and that heavenly swim in the secluded little swimming cove...

Heidi xo

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