Palermo is truly a special city. It’s ancient, well loved, proud and gritty. It’s often chaotic and always unapologetic. It's got sass.

Ben and I have visited Palermo a few times, and each visit we feel more comfortable and less intimidated, and so our exploration expands. This time we entered into new territory in the form of a cooking class, which was unbelievably brilliant. But that's for the next post. For now, I'm going to blast you with pictures of this passionate city, this city that gets under your skin and never lets you forget. I'll never forget, Palermo.

Ballaro Market, our favourite. Local love, right here.

In 2009 we tasted divine ricotta with arrabiata topping. Oh man, it was good. It's been on our mind ever since... And so, on our honeymoon, Ben and I made a beeline for this delight, hoping our beloved store would be there still. Of course it was. With an even greater array on offer this visit, we chose a breadcrumb, onion, anchovy mixture and a tomato oregano topping. I must admit the marmalade and pistachio caught my eye...

Ricotta and figs were breakfast. was good.

Ok, let's explore a little before lunch. Look out for cars...

Salad, Sea Urchin and Swordfish at Trattoria Da Salvo. This was one of our most beloved meals of our entire trip. Getting stuck into fresh, grilled seafood and mopping up the juices of the platter and lovely fresh tomato salad with bread was truly one of the most satisfying experiences I've had in my life, I'm not going to lie.

Evening eats at Kursaal Kalhesa were really delicious. The nut-crusted swordfish was classy and comforting at the same time.

Watermelon gelato, what is more spectacular, truly?

Ciao, Palermo. Your true beauty shines through your exterior more and more with each visit. And, quite frankly, you take my breath away.

Heidi xo

Palermo Notes

Length of stay: 1 night. We were already familiar with Palermo from previous visits and so one sufficed. I would recommend at least two nights for first timers, and more if you want to just hang out and live like a local for a few days.

AccommodationAmbasciatori Hotel - we stayed in this hotel's cheaper apartment rental, and still used their rooftop bar, which afforded stunning views of the city. I favour this location, certainly for first timers, and the staff were very helpful. Next time I'd absolutely stay with our cooking class hostess, Nicoletta, in her rooms Butera 28.

Where we ateKursaal Kalhesa, gelato at Bar Touring and Lucchese Gelateria and seafood platters (love) at Trattoria Da Salvo.

Highlights: the cooking class with Nicoletta, seafood platters on our last day in Sicily, buying season 1 of The Simpsons and watching it in bed late at night with bellies full of gelato, wandering the Teatro Massimo (I recommend a tour) and exploring the markets - Ballaro and Capo

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