Steamed Artichokes

The simple things are often the most dazzling. Isn't that true?

Take this artichoke. Plucked proudly from my parents' garden, we praised the natural beauty and prepared it without a lot of fuss. Steamed with salt, served with butter. It was at once so simple, and so glorious. Truly, dazzlingly, delicious.

I remember seeing grand buckets of artichokes for sale at the markets in Sicily. I'd gaze longingly into their hearts with a combination of curiosity and wonder in my heart. How on earth was I to tackle such a beautiful beast? Back at home I've finally learnt how to respect this gorgeous thistle...with simplicity and admiration. And butter.

Eating an artichoke as we did on Saturday night, oh so simply, is a soul-enriching ceremony. Share or make it a greedy solo affair. I encourage both options.

RECIPE LINK: Steamed Artichokes

I've said it before...sometimes, often, simple is best.

Heidi xo