Chocolate-dipped peanut butter hearts

Having a husband interstate for Valentine's Day isn't the most romantic situation to be in. I have no doubt that some way, somehow he will send me love from afar. But it's not quite the same, is it? I cannot complain though, as Ben is actually coming home next week for a week-long visit (it's our one year Wedding anniversary, can you believe it? I can, it feels like five years ago). And while he's home I plan on spoiling him with pancakes and spaghetti alle vongole and chicken cacciatore and french toast and meatballs and slow-roasted meats and cake and wine. Yes, I shall save my doting for the 20th when I collect my love from the airport.

For now, here are some Valentine's Day kisses. Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Kisses. I gifted these to my parents, grandparents and friends. And myself. I gifted many to myself. These bites are terribly scrumptious. I deem them a healthy version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I trust that's enough incentive for you. Now, go forth and spread the love.

There are two of these sweet hearts left in the freezer for my sweetheart next week. Dear husband, you will have to wait. In the mean time, look under your workout clothes in your cupboard. I may have left a sneaky Valentine's Day gift there for you when visiting a couple of weeks ago. I trusted those clothes would remain put and my secret would stay safe. Was I wrong?...

And to you, sweet readers, Happy Valentine's Day. I so appreciate you. The remainder of these hearts are for each and every one of you. Well, the sentiment is there. But you do realise I will have to eat them myself *sigh*.

I already did that, by the way...

Heidi xo

Recipe Notes:

* This recipe is from the fabulous blog, The Minimalist Bakerrecipe link. * I did not bother with the raw aspect of the recipe. * I used almond meal instead of oats to ensure they were gluten-free for a GFGF (gluten-free girlfriend). * I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a circular mould to cut these bites (making some hearts, some discs). * I recommend using your hands when dipping in chocolate, tongs and forks are rather fiddly and the chocolate isn't too hot. * I'm terribly flawed at chocolate coating. * Be sure to serve these straight from the fridge or freezer, as they melt quite quickly and taste best when very chilled.