My Favourite Tabbouleh

My husband is a tabbouleh nut. He just loves the stuff and I believe it to be his most favourite salad. Heavy on the parsley and lemon, light on the burghul, thank you very much.

Myself? I'm a caprese salad girl. Especially with gorgeously plump vine-ripened tomatoes and the best buffalo mozzarella you can find. Though I am quite partial to a good tabbouleh, also. And this recipe is indeed very good.

I've tried a few tabbouleh recipes in my time, and this one is now a firm favourite. It uses lemon juice to soften the burghul, a method I completely adore. And you mix things by hand, a method I also completely adore.

I just have one question... How on earth do you pronounce "burghul"? It gets me every time. I now resort to mumbling "burrrrrrrrgirl" and I dare say it's obvious I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I highly recommend serving this salad with a hearty baguette, ideally filled with leftover pork shoulder ragu, mixed leaves, sliced cucumber and grated parmesan. This is the type of baguette you can really sink your teeth into. You are likely to want to sink your entire face into this baguette, it is so outrageously good.

Especially when served with a side of tabbouleh, heavy on the parsley and lemon, light on the burghul. Burrrrrrrrgirl. Help?

Heidi xo