The Hart and the Hunter. Biscuits.

Ben and I have been in Los Angeles for a few days now, visiting before we head to Coachella and then onto San Francisco. We've spent our days hiking in the Hollywood hills, replenishing with vegan salads and green smoothies, cruising around in our uber cool mustang sensible Nissan rental and insisting on early cocktail hour. It's pretty rad. We've also been learning about the local cuisine, a job I take terribly seriously. The best biscuits were reported to be found at The Hart and the Hunter, and so I marched there as soon as I could for a buttery bite. 

The decor at The Hart and the Hunter is beautiful, with gorgeous wooden tables and ornate chairs, blue tiles and a retro-style wall seat. I adored the floral cushions.

We ordered a latte and a cappuccino and were overjoyed with how dreamy they were. The Hart and the Hunter use Handsome Coffee Roasters, and make a darn good cup. Who said coffee in America sucks? This was gooooood. Now I just need to have a store like this wherever we go and I'll be happy.

♥ For eats we shared the scrumptious smoked trout on toast, which was embellished with capers and pickled onion and parsley and was just lovely. Extra avocado on the side. And, of course, we ordered a serve of biscuits, which came with pimento cheese, sugared berries and honey butter. I'll say that again, honey butter. Yep.

The biscuits were perfect. Absolutely divine. Bright and buttery and flakey and honest. I adored them. Ben adored them. Usually I hand him a bigger portion of whatever we're eating. Not these. I split them down the middle, focusing on making it even like my life depended on it.

Although I feel I may have spoilt Ben. His first introduction to biscuits and he went straight to the top, to perfection. He's keen for biscuits with eggs and a side of American bacon, like what I ate at cookshop in NYC. He'll get it and I'm sure it'll be delicious. But I'm also sure it won't be as scrumptious as Hart and the Hunter's lovelies.


Heidi xo