Roll with it, burn your toast and send flowers

Sometimes in life, you've just got to jump in. You gotta buckle up, brace for the ride and roll with it. Work hard, climb up those stairs, have a bit of luck on your side and then slide right on down into whatever life has in store for you. It's unpredictable and liberating and allows for a whole lot of unexpected life delights.

Planning is overrated. Life lesson #32.

Life lesson #7?

Treat your mum on Mother's Day. She deserves all the flowers in the world. Poorly cooked breakfast in bed is mandatory.

You may have more than one mother-figure in your life, or she may not be with you anymore. Either way, be sure to send a little message of love, whether looking up into the sky or (if you're lucky) looking into their eyes and giving them a hug.

Sorry I'm not there to burn your toast and give you a hug this year, mum. I love you more than I can put into words. Some day, I hope to be a mother. And if I am half as inspiring and supporting and loving as you, I know I'll have done well.

Heidi xo