Tartine Dates

I've found myself on quite a few Tartine dates since arriving in San Francisco. It's been almost two years since my first visit and I'm still a little completely obsessed... Whether sitting solo and grazing over the pages of my recent read, or chatting with friends as we watch playful pups potter by, Tartine has become my most favourite spot for a morning date.

This tender affection may have something to do with my pastry preference. You see, Tartine's croissants are something of a dream. They have just the right proportion of outer flakiness to moist buttery entrails. They're completely swoon worthy. My favourite secret not-so-secret activity is to order a croissant and a cappuccino, then promptly plunge torn pastry portions into my coffee, soaking up the brew before shoving them into my mouth. You'll leave covered in golden flakes but that's just part of the fun.


Today I met Maddy, from Pop Basic, for a Tartine date. We ate croissants and shared tales - tales of life and hopes and dreams and San Francisco.

♥ Croissant (which appears burnt in the above photo, but that was just the lighting) and Cappuccino for me

♥ Almond Croissant and Hot Chocolate for Maddy


Heidi xo