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Friends, Park City, Mountains, Air.

Friends, Park City, Mountains, Air.

One of my best friends, Denita, lives in Park City, Utah. While it's a truly gorgeous place, it's a little far from where I live in Australia. Humph. It's been fifteen months since my wedding, where De was one of my bridesmaids, and until a couple of weeks ago, this was the last time we had seen each other (flashback: two years ago I was lucky enough to come to America to be a bridesmaid in her stunning Wedding in New Hampshire). Needless to say, the week Ben and I spent with De and her husband, Tim, (two of the greatest human beings ever, that's for sure) was beyond special.

Here's a snapshot of the sights we saw, from breathtaking hiking to general calamity and a dose of doughnuts. I miss my friends. They were so sweet and welcoming and accommodating. Thanks De and Tim, for the friendship, Park City, the mountains, the air...

Spiro Trail. Like a fairy land.

High West Distillery for cocktails and elk. And a gourmet, housemade s'mores. Oh yeah.

So many games of Big Two.

Visiting Snowbird and taking a peek into ski world. It is so so foreign to me, and so so awesome. We caught the tram up  the mountain and just took it all in. Snow and sun. It was completely unreal.

Red Iguana in Salt Lake City for outrageously delicious Mexican. Mole madness.

New Hampshire pure maple syrup. Somebody hand me a straw. For real.

Steak night with homemade ricotta doughnuts. This was a lovely meal at home.

Sweeney Switchbacks Trail. But not the whole trail. Hiking solo. I did not see a moose. Damn Phew!

Hot chocolate made with on their retro stove-stop (you should see their microwave) using ginger Mexican chocolate.

So many delicious popsicles - from coconut Greek yoghurt to watermelon and agave.

Seeing this world where one of my best friends has, for so many years, lived and thrived and flipped and excelled... just being there was SO special.

We made De and Tim some peanut butter eggs as a "thank you for having us". I do believe they enjoyed them. These bites are crazy delicious and quite wholesome, too. They are most definitely a favourite in our household (and I'm guessing also De and Tim's now, too!)

On our last night we had ginger Margaritas at the St Regis. This place gives a stellar view of the Deer Valley and is a lovely place for a cocktail. The burgers are said to be delicious, also. There is nothing quite like tucking into a burger while sitting in a fancy hotel, in my opinion.

Thanks for having Ben and I stay, De and Tim, and being such wonderful hosts. We could not imagine a more perfect stay, truly. You guys are so special to us. This was a real treat. Don't look in the fridge, I may have stolen your maple syrup. Kidding. Or am I?

Heidi xo

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