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My New York City Window

My New York City Window

Hi, friends. Here I am with a little peek, opening the window ever so slightly into our  New York City visit. Think of it as a nice, gentle introduction. There's a lot to speak about here. We're talking white fish on my bagels and balsamic in my cocktail. We're also talking dark brown squirrels and giant rats, true story. There's been some rain and really good coffee, too. For now, some pictures. We'll talk about the squirrels later...

East Village, West Village, it's all good.

There's been a lot of gelato and ice-cream going on.

Lovely wallpaper.

We've found more good coffee in New York City...

Hey, lady.

I've got a crush on The Breslin, April Bloomfield and her seafood sausage *blush*


Why yes, I'll have some bagel with my cream cheese. At Barney Greengrass with Mich.

Meanwhile, on the Brooklyn bridge...

...some crazy lady was dancing in the rain. Weirdo.

A New York slice.

Subway tomfoolery.

Olive oil cake for breakfast. Yes.

Not heading home just yet...

Heidi xo
A Bagel Date

A Bagel Date

Friends, Park City, Mountains, Air.

Friends, Park City, Mountains, Air.