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A Few Days in Brooklyn

A Few Days in Brooklyn

Ben and I were recently in New York City for 16 days. That's a lot of days. A few of those days were spent in Brooklyn - just to mix things up and try our hipster hats on...to try and be Brooklyn cool. And I think we managed to fit in quite well for a few hours of those few days in Brooklyn. That's something to be proud of, surely. Put your glasses on, remember to not shave, button up that shirt and let's do this...

We spent Saturday morning at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and then Fort Greene Flea. Fried anchovies, chicken schnitzels and egg on a pretzel roll and lemongrass lemonade were shared. There was also key lime pie and a s'mores milkshake. Yep.

This market on the waterfront (with an ace view of Manhattan) is foodie heaven! It was even better than I remember from my last visit. This guy loved it too...

Black Brick in Williamsburg serve the wonderful Stumptown coffee for all your brew beverage needs. Their cold brew is just the ticket during Summer.

Ample Hills is the most darling corner ice-cream store. It's super kid friendly, with books and toys and the cutest booths (so naturally Ben was happy). Their salted caramel ice-cream was supremely good. I mean, for real. Normally I avoid that golden flavour as I find most places just make a sweet blah concoction and then add some salt. But this one was so so good.

Reading and napping in beautiful Prospect Park.

Sidewalk gardens with herbs and veggies and more. I mean, how cool is that?

Do you want a burger? Of course you do, what a silly question. Beers and burgers are mandatory after walking all day. Du Mont Burger is the business.

Walking the Williamsburg bridge...

We met friends at The Commodore for fried chicken with biscuits and honey butter, kale salad and chicken soup. Random, yes, but really good and very affordable. Plus, it's the coolest place and their happy hour made me very happy.

Our meal at The Brooklyn Star was one of our most enjoyed of the trip. Ben drank Kool-Aid from a Mason jar and we devoured seriously good mac and cheese, incredible bacon jalapeno cornbread and the most ridiculously delicious hot meatloaf sandwich on fluffy white pullman bread. We took half of this meal home for the next night's dinner (it was so much food) and we were so so happy eating cold cornbread the next day. I've heard their fried chicken and waffles is bananas, too.

Oasis is great when you get off the subway from Manhattan and just NEED FOOD. Their falafels will make you very happy. Get them to go and eat them back in your Air bnb room while watching Netflix.

Mast Brothers make the most phenomenal chocolate. Visit their factory in Williamsburg and revel in the brilliance of this local chocolate company. I adored every keenly sampled bite. Try to not leave with 20 blocks. Just try...


Lastly, I implore you to visit Four and Twenty Blackbirds for pie. It's a bit of a hike to get to (though you could plan your visit with a play in Prospect Park and a wander of the lovely suburb, Park Slope). Their pie...I have no words. It's the most beautiful, lovingly crafted pie I have ever eaten. Both crust and filling reign supreme as the most tender, sweet, satisfying bites. Their Salty Honey pie and Strawberry Balsamic... just outrageously good. Their savoury parcel was lovely too but really, it's all about the sweet pies. They stole my heart.

Brooklyn. Do visit when coming to New York City. It's totally liveable and provides a nice respite from the hectic city. Wander some...grab a coffee and laze in the park. See a movie at our favourite cinema and spot a hipster. Oh, and eat pie.

Heidi xo

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