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Rosa's Table

Rosa's Table

My, I have some talented friends. Friends from school and university, friends of the family, friends within my family, new friends and old friends. And then there's my best friend, the guy I get to hang out with every day being goofy geeks.

I feel very blessed to have such love in my life. And I like to think I feed that love by being a good friend in return. Specifically, I like to make my friends food. Friends who bake for you are the best types of friends, ain't that the truth.

If that's the case, then my friend, Rosa, is the best friend a girl can have. For she is the ultimate foodie - so very passionate and so very skilled when it comes to food and cooking. She loves to prepare meals for her family and friends, this is something we have in common and something I have been fortunate enough to experience on multiple occasions.

It's so wonderful, then, that Rosa holds cooking classes on the Mornington Peninsula. Here we are able to eat and learn at her table. Yes, Rosa's Table is a very special place. Last Christmas, Ben and I attended the Christmas Table class as our gift to each other. And it was the most memorable gift we've exchanged in a long time. Here are some pictures from this blessed, delicious evening. If you are interested in classes you can email Rosa for details.

We started with a spiced eggplant salad, which was loaded with textures and tasty jewels. Oh how I adore eggplant.

We then moved onto the turkey breast, which was rolled and stuffed with fruits and macadamia nuts. This dish is a stunner, one I intend on whipping out many times to impress dinner guests.


For dessert, a chocolate sponge with ganache and summer fruits. So light and so delicate.

Rosa also takes tour groups to Sicily. Ahhh Sicily, the citrus-kissed land where family and food are everything. Inspiration seeps from every inch of this passionate, infectious, slightly rugged, terribly affectionate Island. Rosa and her husband were the reason Ben and I first visited Sicily, and now it is our very favourite corner of the world. This tour of Rosa's, with an itinerary including dinners with her family and visits to farmers, would be an absolute dream trip. Please email Rosa for details if you are keen.

I wish we were all lucky enough to have a Rosa friend in our lives. And not just for the stuffed turkey, I swear...

P.S. Today is my blog's three year anniversary. Happy birthday Apples Under My Bed. I'm having the time of my life rambling about food to you all. Thank you for reading. Here is my very first post, in case you're a new reader or if you're feeling nostalgic. I need to make that cake again...

Heidi xo


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