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On this chilly Tuesday, let's scoot back to Asia. For the next two posts I'll linger here, summing up my recent adventure, finishing with some recommendations for Hong Kong eats. So grab a cup of tea and let's travel to Macau...

My father-in-law really spoilt us during our recent trip to Hong Kong. This day trip to Macau was in particular, a real treat. Macau is such an unreal mix of cultures and aesthetics, it is a veritable feast for both your eyes and your appetite. The old Portuguese outfit stands proud amongst the shiny new casino mayhem, creating this crazy combination of run down wealth.

Naturally I prefer the old part of town. I found the Portuguese architecture, with muted colours that once shined so bright, to be incredibly charming. And my, did we find some delicious corners - from chewy noodles to ginger bites and coconut sago drinks.

Here are some snaps from our excursion to Macau.


When in Macau, you will not avoid the Koi Kei Bakeries littered along practically every street. You have been warned. What was once a lone cart selling peanut candy and ginger has multiplied into a delicious, albeit imposing monopoly of Macau sweet shops. Koi Kei provide samples of their goods for gleeful, greedy shoppers, namely their famed almond cookies. Be sure to visit and taste, and maybe buy a gift or two, as we did. Though I'd also recommend visiting the smaller shops along the streets of Macau for some humble charm.


Jamón and roast duck...a strange, canivorous, cultural harmony.

We had an amazing lunch at Cheung Kei Noodle House. This long loved noodle house practice the old-school, traditional bamboo method to make their noodles. They are chewy, al dente perfection, some of the best noodles I've eaten. Their wontons with seaweed were also so so good.

The noodle cook in action...


As a treat, we saw The House of Dancing Water show. It. Was. Spectacular.


We ended our visit with a traditional Portuguese dinner at António, delighting in delicious baked Portuguese chicken and grilled fish. It took me right back to Lisbon.



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Hong Kong: a delicious love letter.

Hong Kong: a delicious love letter.

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