Moving Day Breakfast

So you know how I said we got the keys yesterday? Well I actually got them Monday.

For two days I've been ferrying boxes of jars and cups and other pretty breakables from my old rental to my new home. Clothes and food, too. We even moved a mattress my grandparents gave us (a Queen!!) and last night had ourselves a sleepover in the living room. We ate plates 0f orecchiette with broccoli and anchovies as we sat on our bed, drinking Campari from water glasses and watching True Detective on the computer.

Today we're bringing in the big guns. I'm off to meet some dudes with a truck who are going to move our big pieces of furniture and help make this dream even more of a reality. I've had two cups of coffee. It's on.

But first, breakfast. Our first breakfast in our new home.

♥ Hope Farm spicy fruit toast with butter and cherry jam

♥ Coffee, black.


Heidi xo