Christmas in Winter

We've always had a pretty solid set of family friends. Friends that are family. Emphasis on family.

These bonds develop from a strong connection between like-minded folk. These folk become your companions in life. And if you're really lucky, they become family. So you get that fun factor of "hey, I like you, let's be friends!" coupled with the unconditional love of family. And through all the ups and downs, the gains and losses, the good, the great and sometimes bad, they are there. Like family. But first, friends.

This year we celebrated Christmas in winter with our family friends. My mum met most of these other mums in my life when they were in college, studying early childhood education. And due to a few birthdays around December, and the fact that we all celebrate Christmas Day with our immediate families, a tradition of Christmas in winter began. For twenty four years we've been gathering as a group and cooking a roast in July. We have skipped a few years but came back this winter in full force. I think next year might be even bigger.

We all brought something to the table to compliment the beautiful, stuffed and rolled turkey that was beautifully cooked and carved by our hosts. There was a ham, some roasted vegetables and greens...I made roasted potatoes and my dad made bread. And then Monika whipped out a stunning chocolate and berry roulade by Katie Quinn Davies. I think you should make it. For friends. Or family. Or family friends.

christmas in winter.jpg
Heidi xo