Western Wilderness, Tasmania

Returning to Tasmania last month was a pleasure. Though we set sail in the middle of winter, our suitcase was filled with woollens and puffy jackets, gumboots and gloves. Ben and I were prepared. The cold simply enhanced our experience, assisting in making the beauty feel more tangible. In a place so stunning and seemingly surreal, our frost-kissed cheeks and chilly toes acted as a reality check, a playful pinch reminding us that yes, this is real. We're here. It's freakin' cold and it's spectacular.

Here is the link to my words for Tourism Tasmania and the Spirit of Tasmania. Writing for them has been a real treat. And because I can't help myself, I've included oh, just a few more photographs from our three day Western Wilderness journey. Happy Sunday, folks x


West Coast Tasmania

What we saw: Queenstown Heritage Tours - Historic Hydropower Tour and Lost Mines, Ancient Pines. Then a visit to Nelson Falls and Tarraleah Estate.

Where we stayed: Penghana Bed and Breakfast and Curringa Farm.

What we ate: raw treats and smoothies at Alchemy Cafe, Tasmanian Mountain Berry leaf (what a rad, bitter digestive!), then the Empire HotelSilver Hill restaurant and Hamilton Inn for pub food.

Heidi xo