Pancake picture

Just a picture of pancakes this Wednesday.

It's been a full and fun week. Well, mostly fun. I pulled my back (is that what it's called, "pulled"?) two days ago when hanging a sheet up to dry - a laundry injury. Anyway I'm applying tiger balm like there's no tomorrow and asking Ben for massages. I pulled my feet too, you see, so they're needing particular attention also...

This morning I woke early to make pancakes. But then spent half an hour lying on my yoga mat stretching this back situation out, so my posting was a little delayed. If you don't hear from me in two days send another jar of tiger balm, a masseuse and more pancakes.

♥ Flourless banana pancakes (recipe link)
♥ Greek yoghurt
♥ Black and hulled tahini
♥ Toasted pepitas
♥ Coffee

Heidi xo