My Second Trimester World, the fourth month

Monthly pregnancy posts - not too much, not too little. Hopefully I've found my Goldilocks blog posting equivalent. And in case you have a sudden craving for porridge, I refer you to this post. Besides itching to share more myself, I've received some lovely emails from people who are keen for more pregnancy posts. I think it's nice to read what others are going through. So, here I am, sharing month 4 (weeks 14-17) as I enter into month 5.

The past month has been a pretty sweet one, with a definite little pregnancy belly and hurrah (!!) improved symptoms. I'm a little obsessed with my bump. It constantly reminds me that I'm pregnant (which may sound funny but is totally something I appreciate). My growing belly means my little one is growing also. The veins across my stomach and sides tells me that my body is working to nourish bub. They're like a map to our baby. It's magical, comforting, warm and exhilarating.

Week 14

Week 13 of my pregnancy carried on for 3 more days than normal, as my due date was pushed back after discussion with my Obstetrician. You can read my post at 14 weeks for more detail, but the main things experienced this week were a change of due date, a growth spurt and hunger! There was also a slight easing of nausea and definite improvement in energy levels. This week I did have my first coffee, and it was alright. I mean, I only got through about a quarter cup-full before I didn't want it anymore. I do miss that morning ritual...I might need to find a replacement beverage, especially now it's much cooler in the mornings. Tea is...meh. Hot cacao perhaps.

Week 15

The bump at week 15...which, at the time, I thought was HUGE.

Hiking is one of my favourite things to do. This is not news (see this post for more hiking love), but recently we found a sweet little track near our home and have been doing gentle walks with a view every other week. I can't wait to go on walks with bubs on our back, little family outings and such. Here's hoping our kids like hiking as much as we do. I'll pack awesome snacks, so surely they will. Oh, and mum just texted me to let me know she found me a great hiking backpack carrier thing at a rotary sale that kiddo will sit in when they're older. Of course she did #kabblesfinds.

The food aversion thing is still happening, but it’s mainly random foods. For example, the following foods sound highly unsettling: fresh tomato and roasted tomato (I'm on board with passata), fresh basil, zucchini, beetroot, most chocolatey things besides raw cacao, vegemite, sausages and cooked onions (if they’re raw, I’m totally there). The main foods that appeal are: fruit, toast, cheddar cheese, spring onion, pumpkin, potato, corn, pasta, tinned tuna, avocado, as well as soft cheese and cured meats (doh! I'm leaving those out). Everything else continues to be just “meh”. Though I did have an excellent green chicken curry last weekend. Also, wine remains terribly appealing (though I stick to smelling it).

This week I got back into nut butter on toast in a big way as I find the fat really helps to keep me full. I also started eating salads for lunch regularly - as a previous salad nut, this was a big deal! Though these days my salads are less leafy greens/fresh tomato and more roasted potato, pumpkin and chives. Chickpeas made an appearance though! I need all the fibre I can stomach...

I’m still having to really make an effort to drink water, which is something I’ve never struggled with. I have developed a new empathy for my clients who are not water drinkers or who cannot be fussed with food over the course of my pregnancy. I'm just not that interested. It's a new and odd feeling.

In non-food-related news, I bought Gaia belly butter this week for my growing belly (and other growing areas - read: BOOBS), and it seems to be a really great product (i.e. natural and without a lot of crap you don’t want to be putting on your skin). I also might get back into coconut oil as a moisturiser, as mumma friends have used and loved this.

Week 16

I went into this week believing my nausea would magically disappear! I'd heard a number of friends sight week 16 as "the week it went away", but I think I’m realising that it just gradually disappears…and you block it out in the end and perhaps just say it was “gone” when really it stays for a long time, just there, in the background, making you feel queasy. I don't know, time will tell. But truly, I feel MUCH better compared to the early days when I’d have to focus on slow breathing on my way to work while sucking on ginger lollies. In the afternoon I’ll still get hit with a wave of nausea and reach for the ginger tea. And I need to be strict about an afternoon snack that is balanced in carbs, protein and fats – like carrot sticks and wholegrain crackers with cheese and hummus, or a smoothie (I’ll be doing a post on my pregnancy eats soon). And that helps. Then the nausea will come again, sometimes making dinner difficult but usually just making me feel like I want to be sick when I’m in bed reading. It’s totally not a big deal, I don't need meds, it's not that bad. I think I was just perhaps naïve in thinking it would be ALL GONE, NEVER TO BE FELT AGAIN! he he.

This week I met with friends who are pregnant and have little ones for non-coffee dates, and we discussed hypnobirthing (which I am definitely doing) and prams and other things. It's so nice to be able to freely talk about this stuff with other people who find it fascinating. It's a whole new world, and I am acutely aware that those without kids are likely to find it incredibly boring.

I also started doing workouts this week using weights my mum dusted off for me (instead of canned food - see below). I’m keen to build up my back and arm strength, just a little. Again, I love Jessica Smith’s videos for when I want to do some fluid, fun movements that also give me a good workout and leave me energised. Check Jessica out, she's my girl and I adore her. I’m continuing to walk most days for about half an hour in the fresh air while listening to podcasts. It's such a happy time for me. My favourites at the moment are Spilled Milk; This American Life; Death, Sex, and Money; The Longest Shortest Time and The Pregnancy Perfect Podcast.

Week 17

I woke up at 3am on the morning of the start of week 17, having just had the most vivid and beautiful dream of bubs. He was about 2 months old and in a blue and white onesie. He was a he! And after having nursed him I was standing up, talking with Ben as I held him, patting his back. We were calling him by our favourite boys' name and it was so real. In 23 weeks he’ll be here. Or she’ll be here. My brother texted me the same morning and said he had a dream that I’d had the baby and it was a girl. Now he's terribly adamant it's a girl (according to my brother, his intuition trumps mine, the mother).

Regardless of the gender, this week our baby is the size of a pomegranate! A favourite fruit with a name I cannot pronounce (it will always be "pomegramate" to me). I'm loving my Ripe Maternity singlet top (see the bump pics at week 17 below). It's stretchy and supportive in all the right places, and was only $5 at the outlet in Fairfield, thanks to a tip from my friend. I need to buy 18 more.

We had an appointment with the obstetrician towards the end of week 17. Despite my gut telling me everything is fine, I’m always nervous the morning of our visit, a bit edgy and anxious to see and hear the heart beating. I was so focused on this during our appointment when we looked at bubs that I didn’t really take notice of what she/he was doing, but apparently there was a wave and a jump. I just focused on the little beating heart. And mine, too. I have some irregularities in my heartbeat, which is common during pregnancy, as your blood volume increases and all those hormone are flying around. But still, it’s not something you’re thrilled to hear. I have always been a fainter, even though I can exercise with good endurance, so I'm not particularly surprised that I need to pay attention to this. Either way, I’m listening to my body more than ever, not darting around as much or pushing myself. And my walks are staying at a lovely, gentle pace.

Annnnnnd WOOHOO it appears that my nausea may be finally gone! I still feel a little “off” at times during the day, especially towards the evening, but it's different to how it was before. It's less consuming and easier to manage. I continue to find fruit the best thing ever, from melon and berries to apples and grapes. Instead of a nice bottle of wine for Easter, Ben and I splurged on a carton of blood orange juice. Living the high life, here. It was spectacular. All of Easter was spectacular, actually. You can read what we got up to here, from moving cabinets around, eating Dad's sourdough fruit bread and collating a pile of my favourite childhood books for bubs. 


And that’s where we’re at, folks. Week 18 started on Thursday 9th April and they tell me that bubs is now the size of a small sweet potato or a big capsicum. Incidentally, I’ve been munching on a lot of red capsicum from Transition Farm lately, ever keen to eat my vegetables.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend. We were kindly gifted tickets to a baby expo from a friend, so we’re off to enter that world...I'm equally excited and terrified.

Heidi xo