Stovetop Granola and Autumn Jumpers

It's that sweet time of year, my favourite, when the mornings are crisp and cold, sometimes sunny and always invigorating. Everything is undeniably Autumnesque, from the quince in our fruit bowl to my cravings for curries, pasta bakes and soup. It's gentle weather, Autumn. As long as you're prepared for it.

Last week I opened the chest at the end of our bed and pulled out our Autumn wool jumpers. They're pure comfort, and, along with the prospect of porridge, help to coax me out of bed the morning. As soon as I wake I'll slip on one of Ben's big jumpers he throws over the chest when getting ready for bed. His larger tops are in high demand now, as this belly grows and anything too tight feels uncomfortable. I just need to be sure not to spill bolognaise sauce over them, which is my constant night-time struggle. Though I do have a few favourites of my own, which I spill food over freely. For example, this green number above, knitted by my mother-in-law a couple of years ago. Armed with woollen jumpers and thick socks, as well as bolognaise sauce (and a bib), these April days are nothing but nice.

To complete this cozy picture I would have made porridge, but today I wanted Greek yoghurt and so I deferred to stovetop granola (recipe link), which I made with almonds, walnuts, oats, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, honey and sea salt. Mid-morning I'll need to swap my wool jumper for tights and a dress (my standard maternity work-wear), and head into the clinic. And in the afternoon, I get to visit the library and renew one book that Ben is reading and look for others. We're Jo Nesbø fans in this house and I quite fancy a good crime novel right now. Books from the library... more things making these Autumn days sweet.

Heidi xo