Doughnuts in Bed

Sometimes the best way to show your affection is through freshly baked doughnuts, warm from the oven and rolled in too much browned butter and cinnamon sugar, brought to bed on a tray to surprise your love. I also recommend you brew a pot of fresh coffee and promise to stay in bed as long as you like.

Lately I've been savouring the uninterrupted morning hours. The quiet, the ability to sleep as long as I like. In 16 weeks that will change, so for now we're sleeping and lingering and savouring it all. I'm trying to not get too ahead of myself with excitement and instead be present. Our growing pile of baby clothes makes this a difficult task, the cuteness being entirely too much to handle. But there are wonderful things here and now, too, like these doughnuts. And lazy mornings with this guy.

Last Saturday we started a new tradition...doughnuts in bed.

I didn't even mind the cinnamon sugar crumbs in my sheets later that night.


FOOD: brown butter baked doughnuts (recipe link), but rolled in cinnamon sugar, as I did eighteen months ago. COFFEE: Grinders Ethiopian yirgacheffe beans gifted from Smudge Eats in celebration of their launch (check out an article I wrote for them here). ENTERTAINMENT: feeling and watching baby kicks, and reading what bubs is up to this week on our baby growth phone apps.

Heidi xo