Chocolate Porridge

I've been on a cacao hit this week. It started with the choc tops we ate over the weekend while seeing Mad Max at the cinema. Whoa, that movie was intense, I needed a nap afterwards. Instead we went for a burger. Choosing which choc top to eat was also intense. Usually it's a clear boysenberry order, but for some reason I've been jonesing for coffee and mint chocolate flavours. Well, they didn't have coffee and ahhhh, I don't know, I'm usually always disappointed with mint...somehow it never lives up to my expectations and childhood nostalgia. So boysenberry it was.

And since then, my love for cacao has been pretty strong. As a way of indulging this desire I've been enjoying a square of Pana chocolate some afternoons and adding raw cacao powder to my breakfast, like yesterday. Chocolate porridge is a pretty neat way to both hit a craving and nourish yourself.

It's been a while since I've made porridge with cacao and tahini, but this morning it felt right. With toasted almonds and sunflower seeds, lots of milk and extra sea salt. Next up, coffee and chocolate porridge, perhaps...

Heidi xo