breakfast in bed

Ben goes back to work on Friday. Bless the guy for saving up his leave and staying in our newborn bubble for three weeks. I know he'll miss Joan so much when he's away, but thankfully Ben works from home at least one day a week so he won't feel like he misses too much. I have a feeling Joanie will be making an appearance on his conference calls and giving her opinion on work matters. We should probably sort out an email address and some desk space. Maybe a mini computer too.

For now, we're making the most of these sweet, slow days. In fact, we've rarely left the bedroom. This morning Ben bought up plates of eggs (slightly runny - booyah!!), scrambled with carrot, leek & rocket, with a side of thick-cut ham (double booyah!!) and avocado sourdough toast. Plus orange juice for me and tea for him. Joan had boob.

Heidi xo