Housework with Joan *sponsored by ecostore

For some time now, Joan has been mimicking me as I clean. When I'm doing the dishes, she'll grab a cloth and scrub the pots in her little toy kitchen. She eagerly waits her turn of the spray bottle when it's time to clean the windows, and the fact that she mostly misses the glass entirely doesn't stop her from feeling like the greatest little helper. Last Christmas my in-laws gave her a toy vacuum cleaner, knowing that she'd love nothing more than to walk around the house hoovering alongside me. Sometimes I'll catch her scrubbing the walls, which is not something I tend to do unless she's felt the desire to decorate them, however I encourage her enthusiasm all the same.

When Joan was six months old she had a bout of eczema. It turned out to be a one-off occurrence caused by the use of a particular soap, however before we knew this to be the case I launched a full-blown investigation into every possible cause. Friends and family, together with our wonderful Instagram community, gave me lots of useful tips, and as a result we got rid of the products we had bought believing they were baby-friendly and replaced them with ones that were truly gentle. One of these products was ecostore laundry powder. This powder is better for both your body and the environment, and, what's more, it works really well. We were so impressed with ecostore after making that switch, we sought out more of their products to incorporate into our cleaning regime. And that is why I jumped at the opportunity to create a sponsored post for ecostore, as they are products I actually use in my everyday life.

Along with ecostore's laundry powder, we use their laundry soaker and stain remover. We also love their toilet cleaner. These days, instead of holding my breath while scrubbing the toilet so as to not inhale nasty chemicals, I can actually breath while giving it a clean (ha! how nice), and, whats more, I can do so while Joan is in the room. My only concern then becomes ensuring she doesn't take the toilet brush from me and use it to scrub the walls. She really, really loves to clean the walls.

Thank you, ecostore for sponsoring this post. And for the work you do! Head over to the ecostore website for more information about the ingredients they use, as well as those they avoid. You can find their products at many popular stores, including Ritchies, Chemist Warehouse and Woolworths.

Heidi xo