Camping at Bright

Over the Easter long weekend Ben, Joan and I met my cousin and her boys in Bright. We slept in tents, played in the river and toasted marshmallows (“marsh yellows”, according to Joan) by the campfire. The days were hot and the nights and early mornings cold. Really cold. We ate well, cooking at the campsite and eating out a few times, with Gum Tree pies and a meal at the Wandi Pub. One time my cousin cooked an apple crumble in the campfire, which we ate with custard after the kids went to bed. And on Easter Sunday we went to a local park for a picnic, and the kids ran around hunting for eggs. I had no idea how beautiful Bright and the surrounding area would be; so many trees, so much green and, at this time of year, a few pops of red and gold. It was stunning. We’ll be back.