Earlier this month, the three of us spent a night at a hotel in the city. The reason for this staycation was to treat our girl to a family adventure before our new babe arrives. You see, one day while driving past tall city buildings, Joan mentioned that she would love to stay in the city. Later that evening I trawled the net for deals. In my mind I envisaged a hotel that looked like a palace and made her feel like a princess. I have such fond memories of staying at hotels every year or so with my mum when I was little - we would watch movies in robes and see a show at the ballet, and I am so looking forward to creating similar memories with Joan. Most of the hotels I came across were modern and expensive, and I was about to abandon the plan. But then I found the Hotel Windsor, which was both grand and affordable, thanks to Ben’s frequent flyer points. When Joan walked into the foyer and saw the red carpet, chandeliers and winding staircase, I knew we had chosen the right place.

After checking in, we spent the afternoon jumping on the bed, eating Ben’s favourite chips (which we had gifted him on Father’s Day), going out for gelato and catching trams. There was an Alice in Wonderland exhibition on at ACMI, so we popped in there before eating Mexican food for dinner at Mamasita. The following day I planned on ordering room service for breakfast, but they didn’t have pancakes on the menu (and I didn’t fancy paying over twenty dollars for eggs), so we went out for coffee and pastries at Market Lane. Ben then went to work and Joan and I headed back to the hotel to, once again, jump on the bed and have a pillow fight. Mum caught the train into the city and we had second breakfast at Cellar Bar, visited her favourite book shop and then went to the museum. Ben was out doing a school visit for work, so that’s where we headed when Joan was officially tuckered out, and the four of us drove home. It was a lovely little jaunt and I am so pleased we booked it in. Joan cried when she realised we weren’t staying two nights, and that someone else would be in our room. I promised we would come back soon.

Heidi xo

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