Happenings 30.9.18

* written over the month of September.

DOING: sitting on my bed. It’s Monday evening and Joan was in bed early. I’ve got a few moments to write before I whip out the birth books and no doubt nod off myself.

HEARING: the sound of my typing.

DRINKING: nothing now! I try to limit the fluids I have after dinner, so I’m not up 100 times a night visiting the toilet.

EATING + COOKING: I’ve been feeling nauseous the past few weeks. Not as intensely as the first trimester, but it’s definitely impacting my appetite. I’m also occasionally getting heartburn. So I haven’t been eating as much or been as interested in food as usual. Breakfast is usually eggs and/or avocado on sourdough toast, or maybe nut butter sourdough with hemp seeds. Perhaps a smoothie or porridge. Lunch is quinoa salad with canned fish or, if I didn’t eat it at breakfast, eggs and toast. Dinner varies but usually contains lots of veg and either fish, legumes or meat. I’m just not that interested, to be honest.

WANTING: to meet our little love! Though not for another month.

LOOKING: forward to the birth. I had such a positive experience with Joan’s birth. And though I am totally aware that every birth is different, and I am open to however this baby will come into the world, I cannot help but feel excited.

DECIDING: what to make for my birthday dinner on Sunday. Again, I’m just not interested in food. Can I serve doughnuts?

READING: birth books - Hypnobirthing and lots of Ina May. I’m also listening to a lot of birth podcasts and Ina May Gaskin Youtube videos, just to let it all sink in deep.

WATCHING: Line of Duty. It’s my new series and I am loving it! I tried it a few months ago (a couple of times, actually) but couldn’t get past the first half of episode 1. A reader recommended I try it again and I am so happy I did. It’s really good! I love a BBC cop drama.

WEARING: maternity leggings and tops; occasionally maternity overalls that belonged to my friend; and on the best, sunniest days, a loose sun dress! Joan is thrilled that she has been able to wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals. She is most definitely over the winter rug-up game. We even went to the beach a few weeks ago.

ENJOYING: we have been getting more and more warm days, and when the wind is mild, it actually feels HOT and it’s bliss.

PLAYING: in the garden. This weather has been just glorious! Oh, to be able to walk outside in bare feet. Joan has also continued to love playing Doctors, pretending to give birth, dressing up and making “food” out of playdough.

PLANNING: the nesting tasks I am delegating to Ben. Every weekend he’s been batch cooking, rearranging, painting and cleaning. Joan has been helping, too. Well, pretending to help. I am so thankful for the two of them.

CRAVING: roasted vegetables and haloumi, bolognese, Johnny ripe pies and doughnuts, kiwi fruit and oranges.

LOVING: the anticipation of when this baby will come! I say that now, though, being 35 weeks. I expect the anticipation may become less enjoyable as the weeks tick on. Right now, though, it’s sort of a “pinch me, can this really be happening, oh my goodness it is, and SO SOON” feeling.

SAVOURING: this time with Joan. I feel as though I say that every month, but it’s true. Especially now, as this is the last month before our family expands. I find myself looking at her adoringly, and trying to connect with her as much as possible. She’s also been super clingy, mostly in a sweet way but also in a way that sees her yell at Ben to stay away so that she can have me all to herself. Poor guy! He’s so understanding, though, and is deeply compassionate towards her. We’re both very lucky.

BUYING: I just ordered some clary sage essential oil for labour, as well as some baby sunscreen, nipple balm and our favourite bottom balm. I’ve also been purchasing some things for Joan for the newborn days - books and crafting things, mainly. I’m hoping they will keep her entertained and distracted, while I’m busy with the baby. Even if they only work briefly and every now and then, I think it’ll be money well spent.

FEELING: Excited to meet this little person. Tired - especially if I get a poor nights sleep, which isn’t uncommon, as it’s hard to get comfortable. And calm - specifically about the birth and the potential chaos that may unfold when labour starts. When that happens, I expect I’ll text Ben, get him home (he works an hour away) and let my folks know. There’s a chance Ben will be home when labour starts, like he was last time, but he may not be… and I don’t know, I just feel curiously calm about it all. I am looking forward to experiencing the way in which it all unfolds as our baby makes his or her journey Earthside.

Happenings posts inspired by Pip.

Heidi xo

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