Easter Camping Holiday

Last year we spent Easter at Bright with my cousin and her family. Bright was beautiful - an Autumnal dream. Though, as I was 10 weeks pregnant, I didn’t feel my best. To stop myself from gagging anytime I walked past a BBQ at the camping ground (which, in that convivial environment, was often), I’d sniff a bag of killer python lolly snakes hidden in my jacket pocket (it totally works! Sometimes). Despite my queasiness we had a wonderful time, and the plan was to return this year; but, anticipating I would have a 6 month old (who, like his sister as a baby, may not be a great car traveller), we decided to stay closer to home, on the Mornington Peninsula. And I’m so pleased we did, because, this year, the weather over the Easter long weekend was unseasonably warm. We got to swim in the bay, twice, and get some vitamin D into our bodies. Though the mornings were cool, which pleased me. You see, my very favourite thing about camping is waking early, rugging up and creeping out of my tent to make a cup of tea, which I’ll sip while sitting in my camp chair, watching the world wake up.

This year we wanted to be as organised (and warm) as possible. We packed foam mats to put under our mattresses, as well as quick dry towels, thermals and a jacket for Joan, and a super cozy sleep suit for Walt (we bought this one on sale and it’s excellent). As we’ve learnt over the years, camping is much more enjoyable when you’re comfortable. Though, we always end up forgetting something. This time it was pillows and a dishwashing sponge. Thank goodness for my cousin, Jess, who is used to Ben or I wandering over to her site and asking to borrow things.

Being outdoors essentially all day and night does wonders for us all. We rose early and went to bed early. Over the 4 nights we camped, Walt slept as he normally does at home (that is, waking many times but going back to sleep easily and quietly with a quick feed). It was only on the last night that, for whatever reason, he screamed every time he woke (sorry, neighbours). As it was our first trip with two kiddos, Ben and I decided to go easy on ourselves and buy takeaway or eat out often. The meals I did prepare were mostly of the egg + vegetable variety: scrambled eggs with black beans, broccolini and avocado; and scrambled eggs with chickpeas, rocket and some vegan pesto I picked up from Torello Farm - easy, colourful meals that would fill our tummies without creating a bunch of dirty dishes. My favourite meal was Easter Sunday lunch, when we visited my parents’ house. In their garden, Joan searched for hidden eggs with Jess’ boys, the three of them buzzed by chocolate + the excitement of it all. This year I bought my family the most divine chocolates, made by my friend, Lucy. We had her Babushka eggs, which had a caramel-filled egg inside plus crunchy little edible crisp things, and caramel-filled bunnies. They were incredible; Lucy is so talented. I’m now pondering what other Winnie Winkle goodies I might get for Joan for her birthday.

Besides the blocked ducts I developed over the long weekend and am yet to fully clear (ugh), we had a lovely little holiday. We arrived home tired, relaxed and in need of a good scrub. Here are some pictures from our Easter camping holiday.


Heidi xo